Special Populations

Starting Line’s concept of the everyday athlete includes people dealing with unique challenges. A thoughtful, tailored fitness regimen can be a tool to address physical challenges, and with proper adaptive strategies anyone can be an everyday athlete. Some of Starting Line’s particular areas of experience include:

  • Training clients with multiple sclerosis
  • Using exercise to help breast cancer patients prepare for and recover from surgery
  • Providing pregnant clients with an appropriate fitness regimen
  • Training developmentally disabled adults
  • Using exercise to address severe obesity and its complications
  • Using exercise to mitigate osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Applying exercise strategies in treatment of autonomic nervous system disorders
  • Sport specific training for youth

Starting Line collaborates with clients’ medical providers to ensure that training is appropriate and effective. We also maintain relationships with a network of traditional and complementary health professionals for referrals and support. Special populations training is no more expensive than traditional personal training. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your unique situation.