Swim Training

When you do your swim training with Starting Line Athletics, you can choose to focus on:

  • Swim Anxiety
  • Skill Building
  • Strength Building in Pool
  • Open Water/Triathlon preparation
  • Low or No Impact Resistance Training

Starting Line swim classes give you individualized instruction in a friendly group setting.

Like everything at Starting Line, instruction is tailored to your goals whether you are afraid to put your face in the water or are preparing for a triathlon. We teach safety and the use of proper technique in the water so you can reach your goals. Check the “Current News” section of our website for upcoming swim sessions.

Private swim lessons are available upon request. Fill out the contact form so we can help you get started.

6 Week Sessions, 1 hour class per week: $135 for the whole session

*Drop in: $25 per class

*You must register ahead of time for swim classes, so while drop ins are allowed, you must contact Paula or Andrea before the day you want to drop in.