Friends and Resources

Looking for more information? A good physical therapist? Acupuncture? Scroll down to see some of the people we recommend and some links to information on the web that we regularly use.

Starting Line has used Kathy Howell of Delaware House for physical therapy, with excellent results. Kathy is experienced and skilled in therapy for sports injuries, and her location allows Starting Line to work collaboratively with her when serving training clients with physical therapy needs.

Acupuncturist and Herbalist Carrie Murphy specializes in integrative internal medicine. She works extensively with patients who are undergoing biomedical treatment for diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS, reflux, anxiety and insomnia. Andrea and Paula have used her services repeatedly to treat sports injuries, and have relied on Carrie’s services to keep their bodies in the best possible condition for Ironman and other races.

InStep Running Center is a convenient and reliable local source for running shoes. The Third Ward Store has a treadmill so you can literally run in your shoes before you buy them. The store’s newsletter offers frequent discounts. InStep is Andrea’s source for her preferred brand of running shoe (Saucony).

Performance Running Outfitters finally opened a location nearby – in Shorewood. Performance also has a treadmill, video camera, and space to try out your shoes before buying. Performance Running Outfitters is Paula’s source for her preferred brand of running shoe (Newtons).

Other Resources we use:

Monica Maroney of Shorewood Family Chiropractic

Bay View Neighborhood Association and Chill on the Hill (Join BVNA to get a Starting Line discount!)

Badgerland Striders – The local source for finding races

Generation UCAN – One of our endurance fuel choices

Trail Runner Nation Podcast – A fun source of information about trail running

Harvard School of Public Health – Reliable and cutting edge health information – The US Government on the basics on healthy nutrition

The Active Pursuit – Tom Held’s down-low on the local recreational sports scene

Saffron Yoga – One of our choices for affordable yoga

Milwaukee Bicycle Works – The non-profit gateway to urban cycling

Wisconsin Beach Health – Keeping e coli out of your swim plans

Water Safety Expert Mario Vittone – Good water safety advice and resources